0 is a size

Look ya'll, I'm eating! I'm eating CARBS!
Let me just be real for a second...
Body shaming is body shaming is body shaming is body shaming.
Body shaming is NOT JUST when someone tells a curvy gal to go on a diet.. (like seriously-the nerve of some people)
Body shaming can also be someone telling another person who is a size 2 to "eat a doughnut. Fast food. Anything."
Listen Linda,(que that precious boy asking for a cupcake) I'm a size 2...🤷‍♀️ that's how Jesus built me. Petite. I'm a little over 5ft...🤷‍♀️ that's how Jesus built me.
Let me be clear..telling a small built girl that she needs to gain weight and thinking it doesnt hurt her feelings is ignorance.
So often I have watched girls on Instagram, Facebook, heck even the girls in public and think to myself "if I just had a little more meat on my bones I could wear a high waisted Jeans and fill them out in an appealing way"
"Maybe if I had a bigger chest my clothes wouldnt hang off of me and I wouldnt be accused of having an eating disorder..."
🚫🚫🚫 NOPE ! That's the enemy folks. That's the good ol enemy getting inside of your thoughts, feeding you these lies that people will love you more if you just changed something about yourself....if I tried to be what others wanted noone would have room to tell me I look sickly....
My #1 Mission in opening my boutique was to promote self love. To LOVE the person Jesus made you to be. I will not stand for body shaming. I will not keep quiet about its existence. I WILL continue to rock a business that I built from the ground up. I WILL continue to tell my clients that they can "pull that top off" even though society has told them their body shape says otherwise. I WILL continue to get pictures of my very satisfied customers who are falling in love with their new wardrobe. Who are wearing sparkly earrings but thought they would be too "loud" (honey please. The world NEEDS you to sparkle!🔥)
I WILL continue to do my very best every single day to see others through Gods eyes because that is also how Jesus built me...
So a friendly reminder- when you see a person of ANY shape or size- do not tell them to change it....its pretty simple. Just be kind.
Imma stand here and finish my beef stroganoff, being a boss babe...doing my thang...loving people the way they are 😉😉