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Cheetah Fleece Jacket

Sometimes you just need a minute to yourself! One minute is all it takes to turn around like you're going to leave a store BUT Instead, you find the worlds CUTEST JACKET! You check the price tag and WOO CHILD, it is on the clearance sale! This had to come home with mama right meow! Shop the jacket at

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0 is a size

Look ya'll, I'm eating! I'm eating CARBS!Let me just be real for a second...Body shaming is body shaming is body shaming is body shaming.Body shaming is NOT JUST when someone tells a curvy gal to go on a diet.. (like seriously-the nerve of some people)Body shaming can also be someone telling another person who is a size 2 to "eat a doughnut. Fast food. Anything."Listen Linda,(que that precious boy asking for a cupcake) I'm a size 2...🤷‍♀️ that's how Jesus built me. Petite. I'm a little over 5ft...🤷‍♀️ that's how Jesus built me.Let me be clear..telling a small built girl that she needs to gain weight and thinking it doesnt hurt her feelings is ignorance.So often I have watched girls on Instagram,...

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